History of Hoddesdon

A history of Hoddesdon

Over the last 900 years, Hoddesdon has grown from a small hamlet of around 300 people, which is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086, to a bustling and vibrant town of around 37,000 people today.

During that time there have been some key people who have helped to develop the town to what it is today, such as Robert Barclay and John Warner, to name just two.

There is also a plethora of historical buildings and other artefacts that still exist that have contributed towards what Hoddesdon is today, such as the Spinning Wheel at the southern end of the town to the Clock Tower at the northern end of the town.

The map below shows some of the key features.


Hoddesdon Heritage

Love Hoddesdon consider the town’s heritage as one of its key attractors as a place to visit.  It has therefore invested in compiling a detailed report of the town’s history, which resulted in the Love Hoddesdon heritage guide. Both documents can be downloaded here

However, we accept that this is still only a snapshot of those 900 years and we are sure many of you have your own memories of Hoddesdon over the more recent years and some of the people that have contributed to making Hoddesdon what it is today. So why not share those memories with us?

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Childhood Memories

Here are some stories from local people about their memories of Hoddesdon when they were growing up...

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